Fighting plastic pollution while improving access to clean drinking water

Fighting plastic pollution while improving access to clean drinking water

Social Impakt is a Social Enterprise created in 2014 by Dutch Entrepreneur Jeroen van Overbeek whose aim is to improve access to clean water in rural Indonesia.

One of our current projects we are supporting is Social Impact, founded by Jeroen van Overbeek. When Jeroen visited Indonesia for the first time he came across the alarming figures of children deaths caused by drinking unsafe water. In Indonesia alone, 20 000 children below 5 years old die every year from waterborne diseases. Social Impact introduced this water filters to the village leaders and school teachers who are respected people and influencers in their communities.

Through this journey, Social Impakt has already impacted the lives of more than 15 000 people in Bali and Lombok. We also distributed filters to neighbouring islands, like Lombok, Flores, Borneo, Java. By providing access to clean water to rural communities, they want to raise awareness and empower people to create a better future for themselves and their communities. They have set up networks of more than 30 resellers in the villages of Bali, creating new income opportunities and positively impacting an increasing number of people, especially during the difficult Covid times. 

People’s life in Bali has gotten more and more difficult since Covid started. People lost their jobs, not to mention providing for daily household needs, such as water. One household in Bali spends an average of IDR 150,000 (USD 11) per month to buy water refill/gallon. Therefore, Social Impakt distributes water filters to villages and remote areas in Indonesia.

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